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1.80V Lithium Ion Forklift Battery for material handling machines.
2.Torphan has been made Lithium Ion Forklift Battery 80V from 2015. We understand what's you need when you try to replace your lead acid batteries to lithium motive batteries.
Model Li-Power 80206 Li-Power 80280 Li-Power 80410 Li-Power 80560
Rated Volt 80Vdc
Rated Capacity 206Ah/280Ah/410Ah/560Ah
System Energy (Kwh) 16.4/22.4/32.8/44.8
Working Volt Range 75~90
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Convenient lateral charge ports allow for quick and easy opportunity charging without removing the battery from the lift truck.

Battery management system helps extend battery life by preventing operation outside of warrantied conditions.

The high-frequency charger simplifies the charging process by communicating with the battery management system to ensure proper charging.

Display show charge and discharge levels and event codes without the need for an additional display, promoting ease of service and protecting battery life.

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